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Acer Nitro 5 2021 AMD Ryzen 5 5600H / RTX 3060 / 8GB RAM / 512 SSD / 15.6" FHD 144Hz display

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Acer nitro 5 2021 Ryzen 5 RTX 3060
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Brand new factory sealed Acer Nitro 5 2021 Gaming Laptop with 5000-series AMD Ryzen 5 5600H processor featuring Hexa-core (6-core) processor, NVIDIA RTX 3060 Graphics Card with 6GB of GDDR6, 8GB DDR4 RAM (Expandable Up to 32GB), 512GB SSD Storage, Additional HDD slot for storage expansion, 15.6-inch IPS display with Full-HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, 5.29lbs weight, 0.94-inch thickness, RGB Backlight Keyboard

Acer Nitro Laptops Price in Nepal

Acer Nitro 5 2021: Affordable gaming laptop with plenty of power up its sleeves!

If you are looking for a gaming laptop but don’t have much cash at spare then Acer Nitro 5 2021 is one of the laptops you need to consider. The laptop embraces a good set of gaming hardware and packs quite a value at its price. And you can see that for yourself just by giving a look at its specifications.

Breezy Performance

The laptop packs one of the best performing laptop processors in today’s time. With the 5000-series AMD Ryzen 5 5600H processor under the hood, the laptop churns through all of your daily tasks without a fuss.

The Hexa-core CPU on the device can be operated at a maximum boosted clock speed of up to 4.2GHz. And this setting makes the device eligible for even the CPU-intensive workloads.

Sufficient RAM and Storage

Complementing the performance is 8GB of DDR4 RAM. Alike the Asus TUF A15 this one does its work at 3200MHz frequency. Although an 8GB RAM is enough for most kinds of tasks, gamers may seek for more.

And if you are looking to future-proof yourself for years, you may find its memory insufficient. But you don’t have to worry a bit since the RAM here is expandable. You can push its RAM limits all the way up to 32GB. And that’s quite promising.

As for the storage, there is a 512GB SSD to cover your storage hunger. If you are not satisfied with that, you can always add an HDD on this one. The laptop has an additional slot to accommodate that.

Fluid Gaming On The Go

The graphics department is handled by a noteworthy Turing-based GPU. Its RTX 3060 graphics card is capable of running almost all of the AAA gaming titles out there at decent frame rates.

The 6GB GDDR6 VRAM on this laptop may suffice your needs if you are a gamer, video/photo editor, or an engineer, who has heavy software like AutoCAD, Solid Works, MatLab, etc. to run.

Well-sized display with narrow bezels

Talking about the display, the laptop has got a well-sized 15.6-inch Full HD panel. The IPS LCD display on the device is quite impressive for performing regular works and playing GPU-heavy. What makes the display interesting is its bezels.

With narrow bezels around the screen, the display indeed looks immersive. Furthermore, the display on this Acer Nitro 5 2021 has a 144Hz refresh rate, which promises smooth visuals while playing games.

Ample Number of Ports, No Short of Connectivity Options

Here you get three USB 3.0 ports to connect the peripheral devices. Furthermore, there is a USB Type C 3.2, Gen 2 HDMI, Headphone/microphone combo jack, and a LAN port. With so many connectivity options, you’ll never feel anything missing out.

Decent Battery with Fast Charging Technology

Powering the device is a 4-cell Lithium-Ion battery with 3320mAh capacity. Gaming laptops usually don’t have a long-lasting battery. And this one is not an exception in that matter. It’s understandable since the device has might hardware to power.

Nonetheless, the battery on this device holds up for more than three hours in the regular gaming sessions. Even if you run out of battery juice, you don’t have to worry much. The laptop comes with a 135-watt fast charger inside the box, which can refuel the battery really fast.

Acer Nitro 5 2020 Price in Nepal

Affordability is the major trait of Acer Nitro gaming laptops. And this one here is no exception. Despite all its powerful gaming hardware, the laptop is quite affordable when it comes to price. The price of Acer Nitro 5 2021 in Nepal is Rs. 164,000 with AMD Ryzen 5 5600H processor and RTX 3060 graphics card. While buying the device from us, you will get a genuine sealed-pack unit. And to assure you of that, we are also providing 1-year of warranty.

Considering the specs, the price is indeed impressive. But even in that already compelling price, we are providing a laptop bag and a gaming mouse for free. This way, you can cut down some amount of expenditure. Making things interesting is our free delivery service. Wherever you are, inside or outside Kathmandu valley, we can deliver the product to your doorstep free of cost.




AMD Ryzen 5 5600H Mobile Processor (6-core/12-thread, 16MB cache, up to 4.2 GHz max boost)

Processor Core 8-Core (Octa-core)
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 with 6GB GDDR6
Memory 8GB DDR4-3200MHz

15.6-inch IPS display; Full-HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution; 144Hz refresh rate


Gaming Laptop

Connections LAN USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 HDMI USB 3.0 (with power off charging) 3 x USB 3.0 Headphone/microphone combo jack
Networking IEEE 802.11ax
Storage 512GB SSD
Size: Height x Width x Depth  14.3" x 10" x 0.94"
Battery 4-cell Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) 3320 mAh
Camera Webcam 720p
Weight 5.29Lbs
Maximum Power Supply Wattage 135 watt
Acer Nitro 5 2021 Price in Nepal Rs. 135,000 (RTX 3060)

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