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Desktop Computer Price in Nepal

It is really hard to find a desktop that best matches your budget and requirements. And it's even more frustrating because the desktop computer price in Nepal is awfully exorbitant. There are also various computer stores that sell the components of the computer. Assembling your own custom PC is somewhat cheaper than buying a pre-built PC. But if you are not good at PC building, you are doomed. But you don't have to worry yet since ITTI Pvt Ltd is there for you.

Although ITTI Pvt Ltd is particularly renowned for selling for laptops of a wide variety of brandsthe computer store has also a fair number of desktop PCs in its lineup. The company has been in the business for over 15 years now and since its establishment, ITTI has been serving its customers with amazing and value for money desktop computers. We have been catering computer and computer hardware for the normal office employees and students to professional gamers. Apart from the wide variety of genuine products, the desktop price in Nepal tagged on the PCs of our store are also cheaper than most of the computer stores out there. Customer satisfaction has always been our main motto. And we believe in selling products our products with minimum profit margins as possible so that the customers can get the best out of their budget.

Best Desktop Computer in Nepal under 1 Lakh

If you can cash out a maximum of 1 lakh to buy a new PC, here are some of the options you can get.

Best Desktops for Students and Office Employees

Be it for buying laptops or desktops, the preference of students and employees is usually different from the rest. Durability and cost affordability is a major concern and they don't usually need the power to blow off a cliff. So here is a list of capable yet cost affordable budget desktop computers available in Nepal.

1. Lenovo 710-25ISH

Despite being a budget desktop, the Lenovo 710-25ISH is a capable device on the graphics part. It comes aboard with NVIDIA® GTX 730 with 2GB of dedicated graphics. With this graphics card on the board, you can play some games and run graphics related software like Photoshop without any sort of issues. Talking about the performance, the desktop is powered by the 6th gen Intel Core i5-6400 processor, which clocks at the maximum speed of 2.70GHz. The computer is aided by 1TB of HDD and 8GB of RAM (2133MHz) on the memory part.

2. Dell Inspiron 3668-5168BLK

This desktop goes easy on the wallet yet packs some capable hardware to meet the requirements of students and office personnel. The PC comes with the 7th gen  i5-7400 processor paired with 8GB of RAM. The RAM can actually be maxed out up to 16GB in case of need. On to the storage side, you will get 1TB of Hard Disk Drive. But if you want to add SSD, you will have an extra slot for that as well. 

Best Desktop Gaming PCs in Nepal Under 1 Lakh

Desktop gaming PC price in Nepal is often repelling. They are often tagged with a price way higher than what values their gaming caliber. Nonetheless, you can get some amazing gaming PCs in Nepal, if you visit the ITTI Pvt Ltd computer store. You can also get some decent desktop gaming PCs well under 1 lakh and some of them are enlisted below.

1. Lenovo LEGION Y520T-25IKL

For a gaming desktop, graphics card inside the device is always the matter of primary concern. But there is nothing to worry about that on the Legion Y520. The PC comes with NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card with 3GB of dedicated graphics. The performance part is handled by the 7th Generation Intel Core i5-7400 processor. The desktop also gets 8GB of DDR4 RAM, which runs at 2400 MHz. In terms of memory, you'll 1TB of HDD latched on to the device.

With such powerful components on the inside, the desktop also provides a considerable amount of heat. And to cool the temperature inside the box, the PC has been equipped with 65W CPU Cooler.

2. ASUS M32CD-DB53

At a few thousand less, you can also get the ASUS M32CD-BD53. But unlike the Legion Y520, you will get slightly inferior GTX 1050 graphics card. Apart from that, the hardware components of the M32CD-DB53 are more or less similar to the Legion Y520. There is the 7th Gen i5-7400 processor, an 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and 1TB of HDD.

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