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Smart TV Price in Nepal

We may grow old by age but never get tired of watching the televisions. Being comfy on the bed or relaxing on the sofa, it is really delightful to get entertained by watching the contents on the televisions. Cartoons or Anime series for the child, serials for your sister/mother/wife/daughter, news for your father, and sports for you. At all these times, the television set on the house comes handy. That's not all, even for binge-watching the favorite shows with your loved ones, the television unit on the house acts as a good entertainment unit.

And at a time when the internet is blooming, TVs have been quite important in our daily entertainment schedule, especially the smart ones. But you might be wondering what smart TV really is. Let us explain that to you. Smart TV is a fancy name for the televisions with integrated internet and web 2.0 features. That means, in addition to watching the regular TV programs, users can also watch and stream contents from the internet and enjoy them.

Since a Smart TV is capable of doing so many things, it is also quite on demand in the market. And understanding the craze of Nepali customers, we have also brought a whole variety of smart televisions in Nepal. And among the bunch, LG TVs are really sought after in Nepal. LG is the world's number two LED TV manufacturer, just behind Samsung. The recent OLED technology from LG has received excellent reviews and has outperformed Samsung's QLED (Quantum Dot) technology. So needless to mention that the brand has received heaps of praise from all around the globe. And Nepali TV enthusiasts also have lauded them greatly.

As far as the models are concerned, we have piled up all sorts of smart TVs in our store. From a relatively smaller 43-inch TV to giant 65-inch televisions, you can get all sort of amazing TVs at ITTI Pvt Ltd. Enriched with HDR (High Dynamic Range) and decorated with Ultra-HD resolution, the contents really pop on our amazing OLED TVs. But despite having all the amazing features, the Smart TV price in Nepal listed on our store is yet affordable for the purchase. It remains cheaper than all the other stores that sell smart televisions. So you are at luck!

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