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LG TV Price in Nepal

LG, the South Korean multinational electronics brand is mostly known for its home appliances. Their smartphones are also fairly renowned in the tech industry. But most importantly, LG is known for its prowess in the television department. That's the reason why LG Electronics has remained the world's second-largest television manufacturer since 2008.

When it comes to smart TVs, LG is one of the first brands to bring Smart TVs on a commercial scale. LG brought the first smart TV (which was known as Internet TV back then) in 2007. That LG Smart TV was branded as "NetCast Entertainment Access" devices when it was announced. After the announcement of that Smart TV, the sale of LG televisions is only going uphill. The brand has not just focused on the quality of the screen, color accuracy, and the dynamic range of the display but also on the variety of sizes. So that the interested customers can easily get a quality television of the required size. Due to that generosity in the variety of screen sizes, LG has received quite an admiration from the customer base. Not just in the international market but in Nepal as well. That why LG is the most sought television brand in Nepal.

And understanding the customer interests, we have also filled our shelves with the top-notch LG Smart TVs. Ranging from 43-inch to 65-inch and with different ranges of price, we have stocked LG Smart televisions on our store. Enriched with 4K Ultra-HD resolution and favored by color accurate OLED panels, the LG televisions on our store portrays the contents with amazing dynamic ranges and praiseworthy color accuracy. Despite having such an amazing lineup of products, the LG TV Price in Nepal on our store is very reasonable. You will be getting better value for money on the purchased items while buying from ITTI Pvt Ltd. We also provide one year of warranty on all the items, so that the users don't have to worry about the damages or malfunctioning of the products. In case of need, we repair all the products with optimum efficiency. Plus, we also provide some extra accessories for free as complimentary gifts for our customers.

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