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ASUS Laptop Price in Nepal

The Taiwan-based multinational company, ASUS is widely popular when it comes to the laptops. In 2017, the company had been the world's fifth largest PC vendor in terms of units sold. And its sales is only going uphill since then.

Although ASUS has different categories of products in their lineup, they have got genuinely popular in the gaming laptops arena over the years. Their gaming laptops come with top-tier specs with a capable graphics card on the board. So playing graphics-enriched games is usually hassle-free on ASUS gaming laptops. And in that context, ASUS ROG devices have got quite renowned for its praiseworthy performance and awe-inspiring aesthetics.

Alongside the widely popular ROG series, ASUS has also expanded its lineup with the TUF gaming series of laptops. Since the TUF gaming laptops are targeted at the entry-level and budget-conscious gamers, it goes easy on the wallet. And also offers a decent gaming performance for the price.

Similarly, there is VivoBooks. The VivoBooks are the portable laptops (ultrabooks), which comes in a lightweight design and a compact form factor. So while carrying it around, it doesn't break your back. This kind of laptops is targeted at the students and business professions, who have to commute or travel a lot. Another important feature of this laptop is its budget-friendly price. Despite being portable and lightweight like Dell's XPS laptops and Apple's MacBook laptops, it doesn't cost as much.

When it comes to the ASUS laptop price in Nepal, ITTI Pvt Ltd has priced all the laptops reasonably keep is close to the international market as possible. Since we are eager to offer our customers the best value for the devices, we make sure that the price at our store is well below the price of the same device in other computer stores.

How to Buy ASUS Laptops in Nepal?

Placing an order and buying a product from ITTI is really easy. You can go through and make a purchase from any of the three ways mentioned down below:

Through the website

In the tech-savvy world, the internet has played a vital role. So we thought, why not make a website and easy the buying process for our customers. So, you can browse through the internet, click on the device that suits your requires, and "Add to the Cart", when you are finally sure about buying the product. Then " Proceed" to checkout the item on your cart. After that, you will receive a call from us for the confirmation of the order. 

Through a phone call

How easy is it to make a phone call? It's that easy to make a purchase from ITTI. You can simply call us on 01-4242101 and make an order for yourself.

Visit the store

If you want to manually check all the products available in our store and want to know all the alternatives before making a purchase, you can simply visit our store. Our store is located at Putalisadak, Kathmandu. And if you are willing to make a purchase, you can reach out to us at our store on anytime between 11 AM to 7 PM from Sunday to Friday.

Are you outside the Valley?

If you are outside the Kathmandu valley, riding/flying to Kathmandu just to buy a laptop is really cumbersome. So to save all your hassles, we also do free home delivery all over Nepal. This service is basically targetted at the people residing outside the Kathmandu valley. And since no extra charges are included on our home delivery service, you don't have to add extra bucks to get the device at your home.

Extra benefits?

Everyone wants a little extra, right? We also give you a laptop bag and a mouse as a complimentary gift on each purchase of a laptop. And needless to mention, we also give one year of warranty on our every product.