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Hewlett Packard or the commonly referred name HP is an American multinational company with the specialty in the IT (Information Technology) sector. The company has a huge lineup of laptop, desktops, printers and other electronic devices. But despite the production of various sorts of electronic devices, HP is basically known for its ingenuity in the computer business. HP had been the world's leading PC manufacturer from 2007 to Q2 of 2013. With the increase in competition in the business, the tech giant is lagging behind these days but their fame has not yet been tarnished. They still produce wonderful computing devices and we do bring the best and popular ones in Nepal.

Which HP Laptop Should you buy?

HP has different series of laptops like Spectre, Envy, Pavilion, Omen, etc. and we would like to decipher that all to help you in making a purchase. First of all, let's begin with the HP Spectre series of laptops. The HP Spectre laptops are slim, light, features elegant design, and embraces beautiful displays. These laptops are of ultrabook genre and are the most premium notebooks in the HP's laptop lineup. HP Spectre ultrabooks are targeted at the professionals, who can spend dearly for their computing devices without compromising on its design and portability.

The Spectre laptops have their own perks. But if you are not willing to so much money on a laptop, there is the HP Envy series as the alternative. The HP Envy series notebooks yet feature a stylish chassis, powerful components on the inside but come at a relatively cheaper price. These laptops usually offer better value for money. And the Envy laptops also usually come with more ports than the Spectre ultrabooks.

Next comes the Pavilion series. The HP Pavilion series of laptops is for mainstream consumers. There is not much common traits of the HP Pavilion laptops. They can be under-powered and cheap and they can also be powerful yet budget-friendly gaming laptops like the HP Pavilion 15 Power.

HP Omen laptops are made with the gamers in mind. The HP Omen gaming laptops come with powerful internals like the capable processors and compelling graphics cards. They can handle almost anything thrown at it from minor day to day tasks to the graphics-intensive games.

And we are selling all these laptops from our store. And the HP laptops price in Nepal at our store is reasonable and affordable than almost all of the laptop sellers in Nepal. 

How to Buy HP Laptops in Nepal?

If you are willing to an HP Laptop from our store, you can make a purchase through any one of the three ways enlisted below:

Through the website

Since we have a full-fledged website, where we update all of our products regularly, you can surf through our website and easily make a purchase. First of all, browse through our website and decide a product that best suits your requirements. After that, click "Add to Cart" to make a purchase. Once you have done that, "Checkout" to proceed. If you have done all that properly, you will receive a call from us at our earliest convenience in order to confirm the order.

Through a phone call

If you want to skip all that cumbersome steps and make the purchase process fast and easy, you can simply make a call on our store. Our contact number is 01-4242101.

Visit the store

If you live inside the Kathmandu valley, visiting our store would be the most convenient way to make the purchase. You can reach out to us at our store located at Putalisadak, Kathmandu, see all sorts of products available, and decide the best among the bunch that matches your budget and requirements and finally make a purchase. For that, you can visit our store at any time between 11 AM to 7 PM time frame in any day from Sunday to Friday.

Are you outside the Valley?

Being one of the most popular laptop sellers in the nation, we do feel responsible on serving the customers, who reside outside of the Kathmandu valley. And to ease the procurement process, we take their order from the website or via phone call. so they don't have to travel all the way to Kathmandu valley just to make that purchase. 

The interested ones have to place their order mentioning the full specs of the product they are willing to buy, their name, and location of delivery. Once that's done, we will deliver the product as fast as possible. Please do note that we don't take any extra charges to deliver the goods to your home. It's completely a free home delivery.

Even if you are outside the Kathmandu valley, we serve you with our products. You can simply place an order via the website or through a phone call. After that, we will tell all the required procedures for the procurement. Please be noted that we do free home delivery all over Nepal. So no extra cost will be added to the price.

Extra benefits?

Along with the hassle-free buying process, we also present our customers with some exciting gifts. On purchase of any laptop, we give a laptop bag and a mouse as free complementary gifts. We also assure our customers by providing genuine products. And for that assurance, we provide a one-year or warranty on every product.