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Buying a laptop in Nepal is a cumbersome task. Firstly, it frustrating to find the product that best matches your needs and requirements. Even after finding the product after doing the intense research and visiting a handful of computer shops, purchasing a laptop won't be easy. Laptop price in Nepal is usually repelling in most of the computer stores. And often times, you have to succumb the thoughts to buy a laptop that best matches your requirements and choose the less powerful one that just matches your wallet. This is the story of many people out there. That's the reason why ITTI Pvt Ltd was started.

ITTI Pvt Ltd is the best in the business as of now. Serving the people with the quality device at the best prices has always been our primary concern. And our dedication speaks for itself. ITTI has been serving with the quality products for over 15 years now. And the customers' trust has helped us grow all along.

Laptop Price in Nepal

Laptops in Nepal are usually overpriced. With the high rates of taxes imposed by the government and with the heavy profit margins kept by the computer stores, the issue has been now even more pronounced. But to offer the best value for customers, we keep the profit value as minimum as possible. And alongside the value for money products, we provide 1 year of warranty on all the purchases to ensure the customers about the genuineness of the product. Plus, we also offer a laptop and a mouse for every purchase of the laptop as a complimentary gift to our customers.

And talking about the laptop, we have a variety of laptops from a wide range of brands. Apple's MacBooks and laptops from Dell, HP, Acer, ASUS, MSI, Lenovo, Alienware, Microsoft, and Razer Blade laptops are worth mentioning here. Since such a variety of products are available under a single roof, there won't be a hassle to pick up the best laptop with the budget you've got. 

And according to the budget and requirements, the laptops are also segregated into different categories. For those with non-demanding tasks for using Microsoft Office and general multimedia consumption, we have a full-fledged lineup of slim and light ultrabooks and the portable notebooks. ITTI Pvt Store also has a complete lineup of convertible and 2-in-1 laptops for the people who have to switch to a laptop mode and tablet mode to continue the workflow. But gaming laptop is the category, where the ITTI Pvt Ltd is the most popular. From ASUS's ROG devices to MSI's Raider devices, we have got everything covered. So if you were looking for the best gaming laptop and searching for the best place to buy a gaming laptop in Nepal, ITTI would be the one easy choice.

But apart from laptops, we have also filled our shelves with the workstations / Desktops. For the general purpose household and office use to the top-level gaming, we have all sorts of desktops at our disposal. And alongside the befitting workstation, you can also choose the monitor that best suits your requirements.